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5 user8822051

Kim is an excellent real estate professional. She stays on top of everything and helps make the stressful experience of buying & selling a home so much easier. She definately wants to put the right person in the right house at the right time. She has the utmost integrity. I would highly recommend her.

5 halelance

Kim is far and away the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. Kim was always prompt and on time for showings. She was patient and courteous and only showed me listings in my desired areas and always kept me within my budget. She also coordinated all aspects of my purchase including: negotiating with the builder, dealing with the mortgage company, appraisers, inspectors, etc… She will go above and beyond to meet all of her client’s needs. I strongly recommend her for all of your real estate needs.

5 user2176219

Kim sold our home and worked with us to find a new home. In the sale of our home, she went over and above on marketing our house and was very detailed and knowledgeable on what needed to happen to move our home and get the best possible price. When we were looking for a home, she spent a ton of time with us looking at houses all over the place. She made herself available around the clock and worked with us on our schedule of viewing homes. She was knowledgable about current market values, and if there was something she did not know, she would talk to a colleague and get back to us promptly. She was an absolute delight to work with in all avenues of the process and walked through the entire process with us start to finish.

5 EagleWoman

Kim is an outstanding successful real estate agent. From her initial presentation I chose her over two others I interviewed. She has all her stats and figures current. She is extremely helpful with guidance to show a home in its best possible light. She is outstanding at “Staging” and I know that her advice in this area is a big reason that the house had two concrete offers and one in the wings the first day it was on the market. Because she had obtained two offers she negotiated a better sale price for me. Kim helps with all the paperwork that is involved and brings it to her clients at times convenient to them. She both listens and advises and is will work with you at odd hours if necessary. She is honest, efficient, extremely personable and a pleasure to work with.

5 craigmauck

Kim did a very professional job throughout the whole process, from helping to get our home ready to sell, the listing and virtual tour, and working with us through the offers and settlement. She was very responsive to our questions and concerns throughout the entire process as well.

5 jade4444

Since we didn’t know anyone in the Boise area, my husband’s uncle, another realtor, helped us find Kim. He chose her for her certifications and qualifications. Kim and her team were wonderful at responding whenever we had a question. We planned the details of our visit before arriving in Boise. Kim worked with us to make a list of the houses we wanted to see. When we got there, we drove through some of the areas she was going to take us and completely changed our minds about the areas we liked after seeing them in person. We ended up seeing NONE of the homes in our original list and Kim was totally okay with it, even though we threw her for a real loop. She told is that ruling things out is part of the process of finding a home, and she was glad we had been able to do that. She made lots of calls, canceled showings, and scheduled new showings at a moment’s notice. When we did find some homes we were interested in, she asked questions we never would have thought to ask to the builders’ representatives. It was obvious to us that Kim is an expert and was not going to let any detail slip by. Kim was with us for over twelve hours the day she showed us what would become our home and never made us feel like we were inconveniencing her. She helped us make an offer that evening and has walked us through the home buying process. She has gone above and beyond in every way, even offering to do things that aren’t her responsibility because we lived out if state and she knew they would make our lives easier. I would recommend Kim Weissinger to anyone, without hesitation, if they are looking to buy a home in the Boise area.

5 jwoodworth52

Kim is a true professional! She is honest, devoted to the process and was responsive to every need as our realtor in selling our home. The staging process was a terrific help. Her marketing skills are first class and her knowledge, understanding and ability to market your home in the Internet world brings an important dimension to selling a home. We have nothing but excellent comments regarding Kim’s ability as a realtor and as a person. Take our word for it, she and her team will represent you well.

5 debmak19

I chose Kim to sell my home based on her experience; previous and current activity in the area. She new what my goals were and did everything she could to help me meet them. She was aggressive in marketing my home and always prompt with communications and answers to questions. She is knowledgeable and professional, and I highly recommend her to sell your home.

5 dakrull

Kim assisted in selling our existing home as well as representing us during the construction of our new home. Her expertise and viewpoint were extremely valuable in both instances. Kim has an excellent grasp of the area markets and her unbiased viewpoints were extremely helpful during the entire process. I would not hesitate to utilize Kim again for any real estate transaction we might have in the future. You can be assured that Kim will focus on your particular project and bring truthful and accurate insight into the conversations.

5 heather abimbade

Kim was an amazing guide in the purchase of our first home. She became like a part of the family! She helped us through many homes, many questions and all the way through our final purchase. We will be using her again in the future and recommending her to everyone we know!

5 sam scranton3

Kim was fantastic. Her team was very knowledgable on our local market and provided very sound advice on how to market our home. Great people and I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends.

5 user7354081

We met Kim through a friend’s recommendation. From the moment we sat down with her we knew she was the one that we wanted to help us sell and buy our next Home. Her knowledge level of the local market led to our being sold it in one day. Kim was always there for us no matter what we needed or whenever we called her. We love Kim and we also found a friend for life.

5 lindabeachbum

I have been in the real estate business for over 25 years and I have never worked with a realtor like Kim. She quickly became a friend not just a business contact. Her market abilities were more than expected from staging our homes to videos of our homes to the professional brochures. I would recommend her highly which I have already. Thank you Kim…you ARE the best!!!

5 noradugger

Kim has assisted us in both the sale and purchase of our homes. She goes above and beyond in all her services. The advice she gave when I listed my home was exceptional. She gave great referrals to plumbers, staging, and window cleaning services. The house went on the market and sold in 1 day! Amazing!!! The photography of the home for the ad listing was perfect. Kim was always available for any home we wanted to look at in our search for a new home. After looking at several homes, we located our dream home with Kim’s help. We made an offer and it was accepted without any changes. During the process of the purchase all of our questions have been answered, issues resolved and roadblocks cleared to ensure we closed on time! Kim’s enthusiasm and joy are contagious. She gave good advice about our specific needs in a home. We are confident in her abilities and will be listing another home to sell with her in the near future.

5 rickshack

My wife and I got OUTSTANDING service from Kim and her associates. We listed with her, her design consultant came through within 48 hrs., suggested a few cosmetic changes- we made those changes and our house sold to the first people to look at it (3 days before it was scheduled to come on market). We had a 30 day escrow, it closed on time and very smoothly. Kim also helped us to find and purchase our next home- she was very supportive of our wishes and an excellent negotiator. We have bought/sold numerous properties over the years but never has it been so smooth a process!!

5 user47888895

Kim was wonderful every step of the way. We followed her advise about selling our house and sold right away. She helped us negotiate on our new house and was responsive to all our concerns. We have been involved in many real estate transactions over the years but this was by far the smoothest transaction in 42 years of real estate deals. She helped with even the smallest details that can add to the stress of moving making them vanish. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional caring real estate agent!

5 rountreerush

Kim Weissinger is a highly competent and effective realtor who was critical to our family as we walked through the challenging and sentimental process of selling our family home of over 45 years. This was not a straight forward situation. The land was owned by five family members and we discovered several legal/land issues that needed resolved before we could sell the property. After many months of already working with Kim we asked her about the feasibility of initially trying to sell the property through an auction, which we attempted. This was a non-traditional approach but she even assisted us in working with the auctioneer. Kim listened and supported us through every idea, issue and step along the way with extraordinary knowledge, wise counsel and lots of work. She successfully sold our family property and we are so very grateful. She did all of this with tremendous patience, kindness, and the utmost professionalism. Our family highly recommends Kim to any individual or family wanting to sell their home or property.

5 rush wade

If I had to sell or buy Real Estate and in particular a unique Real Estate, Kim Weissinger would absolutely be my first choice to be my realtor. She fully supports the sellers goals, extremely flexible and open to non-traditional ways to sell, but also provides frank and quality assessments about the seller’s desired goals and method of selling the property. Our family owned a unique home and property that frankly was a one of a kind real estate. There was no equivalent price model that could accurately assess the value of the property. Since this property was owned over a 43 year period, county zoning laws had changed which created zoning violations red flags for the owner. Finally, to add further to the complication, this property was actually composed of two sub-properties with separate owners. Kim’s advice and sound direction gave us (owners) the ability to discover and resolve several red-flags that the county had with our property. In addition, as owners, the property as whole would probably sell much better together rather than selling each of the two sub-properties separately. Kim agreed with this assessment. She also figure out how to sell our two sub-properties as a single listing while simultaneously figuring a way for the buyer to procure only one loan to purchase these same two sub-properties in one transaction. As owners, we also asked Kim about working with a real estate auctioneer at some point. Instead of saying no, Kim was open to the approach and worked out a workable joint contract with the auctioneer that we had selected. Although we were unable to sell our property at the auction, as a side note, we were able to successfully auction off a lot of our personal property. However, within three months after the auction, Kim sold our beautiful home and property at a very good price. One can see from the litany of issues such as the uniqueness of the property, the multiple owners, county zoning issues, and auctioning of the property that Kim Weissenger successfully guided us through these issues while simultaneously meeting our concerns, needs and goals. As a result, as one of the owners, I felt that Kim Weissinger’s professionalism, flexibility, and the desire to meet the seller’s goals coupled with her frank assessment is the gold standard for realtors to aspire to.

5 carolbeth88

Kim Weissinger helped us sell our home and purchase another. At every step of the way she went well beyond expectations to make the buying and selling process as smooth as possible, suggesting strategies that helped us immensely. When the first house we were attempting to buy fell through, she jumped into action, and found us an even better one…we made an offer and closed one week and one day later, with her expert help. I’ve bought and sold several homes through the years, and Kim far outshines any agent I’ve worked with in the past. If you want an honest, cheerful, hard-working and capable agent, choose Kim!

5 kathy white5

Kim is very professional! She gave us step by step information and advice to prepare our home for listing. We followed her suggestions and were able to sell our house quickly and for a price we are very happy with. Also to note, Kim has exceptional people skills. During some of the upgrades to our home before it was listed there were a few “bumps.” She graciously offered to help us deal with problems and did so with a positive attitude and with efficiency! Kim is a wonderful person who is honest and trustworthy. She has integrity and worked hard to sell our home. We are grateful to Kim for helping us sell our home and lucky to know her.

5 staceylarreau

Kim was professional each time we met with her, in addition to fun and positive. We would highly recommend her as a real estate professional. She found us a beautiful home, for the right price and in the right location. Many thanks to you Kim!

5 thenees99

Kim is a pleasure to work with. As out of town buyers she was a great advocate for us with the builder the loan company and the Title Co Kim has vast local knowlege and high personal integrity.

5 janet weybright

Kim came to our very first meeting well prepared with pictures and listings of several homes for me to look at, based on the information I had given her over the phone. She listened carefully and responded effectively to my home hopes and requirements. Once we had pinpointed the home I wanted, she walked through the house with me, thoroughly looking at both the positives and negatives of the home, being both encouraging on the highlights and clear on the things that needed fixing. She took pictures of things needing correcting and made clear notes, and remained encouraging throughout the process. Kim also let me know what I could expect to be fixed by the sellers and what could be negotiated or otherwise discussed regarding expectations in light of pricing, etc. Kim worked very well with the sellers’ agent, communicating frequently and effectively. Additionally, Kim, who is honest, well spoken, and skilled herself, is well connected with honest, knowledgeable, skilled, respectable people in the home-sale industry, including home inspectors and financial lending institutions. I could not have spent my days any more confident that my home-buying process was going well and smoothly; and this confidence rests wholly on Kim’s skill, knowledge, and care for me. Any home buyer would be blessed and fortunate to have Kim Weissinger as their representative, and to have this wonderful, thoughtful, talented woman on their team.

5 craigjones80

Kim is a wonderful realtor. Her advice and guidance on preparing our home for sale was invaluable. Kim has a great sense of what it takes to sell a home. She was well prepared when the offers came in, gave us helpful guidance in making our decision, and was in continuous contact with us through the process. Selling a home is stressful–that will never change–but Kim made the whole process much easier. Plus, she’s one of the genuinely warmest and nicest people you will ever meet.

5 cshackel

We had a wonderful experience with Kim! Although buying and selling real estate can be a stressful experience, working with Kim put our minds at ease. She was incredibly knowledgeable, available, advocated for us in a respectful manor and was generally just great to work with. I would highly recommend her!!

5 user5711915

Kim was fabulous to work with. We had been with a previous realtor that we weren’t happy with and the difference was night and day. She has a very detailed process for listing your home that is very effective and no nonsense. In contrast to our other realtor she seemed to care about marketing and selling our home, not herself. Proof of this is that our first realtor did not sell our home in 6 months and Kim had multiple offers in a day! Other realtors I interviewed wanted us to lower our asking price, but Kim kept the price where we wanted it and sold the house with her excellent pre-marking and marketing skills. In addition, the buyers of our home were not easy to work with. We would panic and get upset, Kim kept a cool calm head and helped us through it. She made herself very accessible and would actually talk to us on the phone or in person if we wanted, not relying only on text and emails, as some realtors do. She is completely professional and we highly recommend her!

5 HollieLeavitt

Kim is amazing! I have both sold and bought a house with her and the individualized attention and the incredible quickness with which she responded to all of my questions and needs made it seem like I was her number one priority and the only client she was working with (which of course wasn’t the case). She was always looking out for me and staying one step ahead of the process letting me know what was going on and what to expect. I’ll never use any other agent!

5 daryl shirley68

Kim Weissinger represented us during both the selling of previous home and building of new home. She was there every step of the way, especially by offering her experience and insight when we were feeling overwhelmed. We had complete confidence in her integrity and professionalism during this 9-month long process. She was a joy to work with and we highly recommend Kim to anyone who is buying or selling a home.

5 scc ehazard

My sister and I started working with Kim Weissinger in June of 2017 to sell a home (investment property) that was in need of some serious TLC in Nampa, Idaho. I live in California and my sister lives in Meridian and we needed someone to guide us through the entire process of selling this house. I cannot express how grateful we are to Kim for the strong guidance she provided for every step of the way during this process. By the first week of August with Kim’s constant “hands on” approach this difficult property was ready to go on the market. On the first day we received a full-price cash offer! My sister and I were both amazed and extremely pleased. Kim continued to guide us through all of the document signing and closing process and by the third week in August the sale of our property was finalized and closed. We both were thrilled with everything that Kim did to get this home sold in such an expedient and expedious manner. Thank you Kim from the bottom of our hearts!

5 ddgreene3

My wife and I moving from Las Vegas found Kim via friends to help find a home in Caldwell. We experienced issues in Las Vegas when our home there went in and out escrow three times which put a burden on closing on a home here in Caldwell. Kim guided us through the purchase of new home with local builder which included changing closing dates, negotiating repairs needed with builder, getting a great price and finding a lender that would be flexible in our closing dates. We would highly recommend Kim in all areas of home buying and selling in the Treasure Valley.

5 corethap

Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with. She handled far more details in both my transactions of buying and selling than I had ever experienced before. As she put it to me “in this process, I am you and I’ll handle it”. As an aging senior it was such a huge relief to turn it all over to her and Ito know that it was being handled in the easiest and best (for me) manner. My praises go out to her for her professionalism and soothing manner thru both buying AND selling within one month. Well done Kim!

5 liz6182

Having lived in our former neighborhood for many years, and so being well aware of Kim’s excellent reputation, as we saw many homes she listed in our neighborhood sell very quickly. When we’d see a home listed by her we would say to each other, “Oh, good. Kim’s listing it. It won’t be around for long!” When we decided to list our home last fall, it was an easy decision for us to call Kim, and we were not disappointed at any step of the process. She sold our home in seven days and we believe this happened because she was so organized and positioned us in perfect preparedness to sell our home quickly. We would recommend Kim, and have!

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